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My name is
Rev. Dr. Reina Pudder

"Being comfortable in the silence, allows the heart to truly hear the unspoken." 


— Rev. Dr. Reina Pudder

Reverend | Chaplain | Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist Spiritual Director | Speaker | Empowerment Coach
Spiritual Disrupter | Soul Helper | Truth Seeker | Mystic

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About Me
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Namaste and welcome to my website! I’m happy you are here.


My name is Reina. I am a proud Colorado native. Here are some important facts you should know about family is my life, as well as my communities and my relationship with Spirit. 


Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by life itself and what it means to be alive—in human form. To me world seemed filled with so many miracles, wonders, and mysteries. I would always wonder things like, “Why am I here (on this planet at this time)?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How did I end up with this life and not a different one?”, “Why do I look like I do" and "Why does everyone else look different?”….and on, and on, and on…the questions would come. I was longing for answers, and frustrated because I didn’t know where to begin to even find them. 


During my early childhood, elementary, and pre-teen years, I began to realize that I was different from my friends and family. I found myself knowing things…like knowing situations that were going to happen before they actually did. The way I see other living beings is through their energy, which then translates to me through feeling tones and intuition. 

As the years have passed, I decided to truly accepted my abilities as an empath and my sensitivities to energy have increased. I've been dedicated to honing my craft through deep spiritual work, continued education, and the practice of discernment.

Through this process, I had a HUGE breakthrough. I came to the understanding that all the answers I seek, already live within me. This realization has allowed me to then expand and grow into my gifts of intuition even more. As I embraced my divine light within and stepped into my greater power of self, my clair senses of claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance became more acute; allowing me to be open vessel for the divine to work through. I loving refer to myself as "The Esoteric Mystic".

One of my all time favorite quotes is in Latin, "Ne te quæsiveris extra”, by Ralph Waldo Emerson—it means "do not seek for things outside of yourself”.


I love this so much. Its a good reminder for us to tap into our own beingness for inspiration, judgment and validation of our thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

I’ve always been considered an “Old Soul.” I have an innate ability to connect with other living beings heart to heart. This allows me to meet people where they are on their life's path and I do this by helping them cultivate the calm amidst their chaos. I strive to ensure those I work with feel seen, heard and validated in all ways. My call is to create and nurture relationships based in trust, fostering individual growth and greater self-awareness through Spiritual Direction and Counseling. 


I offer a powerful and calm presence through the work that I do. My openness, compassionate listening and empathic nature coupled with my spiritual principles and practices, provide a solid foundation for which I am grounded. 


Through my charge, I strive to help create a world that works for everyone. My fulfillment derives from supporting others as they experience their own spiritual and/or personal awakening. I consider myself to be a strong way-shower and I am dedicated to creating a sacred space for those I work with—whether those I serve seek support through intentional personal quests or support through their professional settings.


As a Minister, Chaplain, Spiritual Director and Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist, my days are fulfilling, rewarding, challenging and ever-changing. I consider myself strong in faith and serve my community with great joy. My passion is rooted in serving with integrity and a loving heart.


I am looking forward to support you in your journey of self—are you ready to step into your next and greatest?

  • Spiritual Living Center for Education & Training

  • Spiritual Directors International

  • Society of Wealthy Witches

  • Mujer Luna International Coven

  • Ordained Reverend of Fellowship of Integral Spirituality

  • Experienced Chaplain

  • Seasoned Religious Science Practitioner 

  • Corporate Empowerment Coach, Officiant & Spiritual Healer @ Raise Your Volume

  • Executive Coordinator @ Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Licensing & Credentialing Coordinator @ Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Chaplain & Volunteer Coordinator @ Interim Hospice Colorado Springs

  • Education Assistant @ Spiritual Living Center for Education & Training

  • Clinical Hospital Liaison & Chaplain @ Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care


Capstone University formerly University of Theology and Spirituality 

  • Doctorate of Theology in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • Masters of Theology in Spiritual Direction


Regis University

  • Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing


Colorado Mesa University formerly Mesa State College 

  • Bachelors in Mass Communications and Journalism

  • Minors in Fine Art and Graphic Design

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