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"We are all broken—that's how the light gets in."

– Ernest Hemingway

Spiritual Empowerment

We all experience "LIFE" in our own unique way. Whether your current reality is unfolding the way you had imagined or not, the support, wisdom and guidance of a trusted spiritual director, empowerment coach and Soul helper, who can walk alongside of you as you navigate your Soul's journey.


"The trouble is , you think you have time."

– Buddha

Ceremonies & Rituals

We all experience joy, sadness, new love, loss and everything in between as we walk through "LIFE". Whether it is celebrating an upcoming wedding, remembering the life of a loved one, or adding a new member to your family. I would be honored to guide and support you through these life celebrations rooted in love and light.


"Matter is Energy…Energy is Light…

We are all Light Beings."

– Albert Einstein

Energy Work & Clearing

When it comes to energy work many people can have differing views and experiences. Energy lives, breathes, and has it’s being in all things seen and unseen. As an empath, it is my goal to meet and match each unique individual where they are looking through a a 360-degree perspective energetic lens.


"Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don't fight them. Just find a new way to stand."

– Oprah Winfrey

Corporate Chaplaincy

As Corporate Chaplain, my role is to guide my clients in recognizing and validating their inner strengths—allowing them to become aware of and to conquer any fears and perceived barriers holding them back either personally or professionally. I use my 20+ years of corporate experience coupled with my ministry skillset to be a sounding board for business leaders and senior management, affording them the ability to work more efficiently and intentionally.

Marry Me I Do Small.png

“Marriage is a commitment to life, the best that two people can find and bring out in each other.” 

– Edmund O’Neill

Prepare for a lifetime together by having the important conversations ahead of time, and in a supportive environment. Raise Your Volume provides premarital counseling for couples. Get the support, encouragement, and the tools to build a lasting marriage.

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