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"If you want to, you can find a million reasons to hate life and be angry at the world. Or, if you want to, you could find a million reasons to love life and be happy. Choose wisely."

Cari Welsh

The Esoteric Mystic
Rev. Dr. Reina Pudder
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Personal References

I'm honored to acknowledge these personal references who have helped guide my spiritual journey.  


Dr. William Greaver, PsyD, MDiv, CPE Supervisor

“Reina Pudder has many skills and abilities in the helping professions.  She is compassionate, empathetic, and understanding.  She utilizes her many strengths as a competent Spiritual Director, Life Coach, and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist.  She is a leader yet follows well.  A guide yet walks alongside, a true spiritual companion, and an anam kara.  She is insightful, calm, and yet enthusiastic.  She brings peace to the chaotic.  She creates a safe holding environment and container for those that are hurting.  She is a safe harbor for those in the midst of life’s storms.  I highly recommend her as a spiritual care provider to all in need.”


Rev. Dr. Paula Belleggie, DTh, DMin, BCCC, BCPC

"If you are ready to really look at your stuff and explore the shadows within yourself, call Reina. If you are ready to be held accountable for your choices, call Reina. If you are willing to cry, scream, laugh out loud and roar like a lion, call Reina. And if you want to have a compassionate, loving presence companion you through every step, call Reina. If you are looking to recover your soul, call Reina. Just call Reina, your Greater Yet to Be Self will thank you for it."


Brenda J. Sharp, Transformational Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Ecological Restorative Steward

"If you are ready to walk through the fire, Reina knows the way. I have witnessed her walk, crawl, fall, cry out and conquer the 'separation' and merge with the 'oneness'; this a pre-requisite of a Warrior Leader. Her heart will embrace you as you make your own journey. Reina is formidable! She will assist you to see who you are too."

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